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Zhou Ping, Founder & CEO

    Zhou Ping began working in the purification industry over 20 years ago. After gaining experience in the field, he founded YiJing in 2003, and has since devoted himself to developing the YiJing brand.

    Mr. Zhou takes a hands-on approach to leadership. You're more likely to see him more in the factory or on site at a project than in the board room. The majority of YiJing's products were designed and developed by Mr. Zhou himself.

    "Even though we're in the technology business, trust is the most important factor in our success. Because of how crucial our cleanrooms and equipment are to our clients' product quality, you have to be able to point to a long track record of success in this industry to earn that trust."

Marcus Day, Global Business Development Director

    Marcus is a native of Overbrook, KS in the United States, and has spent more than five years in China since 2008. He received his MBA from Vanderbilt University in 2015 and his Bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas in 2010.

    Before joining YiJing Marcus previously worked at Walmart China as a Finance Manager and at Amazon.com as an Operations Manager.

    "I'm excited to be part of the team at YiJing, and look forward to helping new clients around the world deliver safer, higher quality, more reliable products to their customers."
     YiJing is already a well-known brand in the Chinese market. Our familiar blue and green logo commonly is a common sight in clean manufacturing facilities in the electronics, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, medical instrument, and other industries across China.

    YiJing has been recognized as a "Star Enterprise" by the Jiangsu Provincial Government and a "Well-Known Trademark" by the Wuxi Municipal Government, among many other awards and distinctions. Yijing was also featured on a national Chinese CCTV documentary series that focused on innovations in manufacturing technology and product quality.

    YiJing currently serves international clients across the globe in more than 10 countries.

Our Mission:

Achieving Higher Quality by Executing Cleanly

Our Purpose:

Build through quality and grow through service

Our Core Principles:

Health, Safety, Conservation, Customer Value

Our People:

Relationships are at the foundation of our business; and we strive to develop and retain our employees, which advances our business, technology, and customer relationships

Our Commitment to Quality:

We design and and manufacture all products carrying the YiJing brand to meet all relevant domestic and international standards. All new products include a one-year warranty.

2003  Designated as "Superior Enterprise" by China Purification Equipment Network

2005  Received ISO9001 Certification

2006  Successfully registered trademark with International Commerce Bureau

2009  Achieved AAA credit rating

2009  Awarded "Advanced Quality and Safety Management" designation from China Engineering and Construction Association

2009  Awarded "Leader in Quality and Trust" designation by the China Light Industry Quality Assurance Center

2009  Obtained "Safe Production License"

2010  Designated as a "Star Enterprise" by the Jiangsu Provincial Government

2010  CEO Zhou Ping awarded "Most Trusted Entrepreneur" by the Jiangsu Provincial Government

2011  Became honorary chartered member of the Wuxi City Chamber of Commerce

2013  Awarded "Certificate of Standardized Safe Production" by the Wuxi City Manufacturing Safety Supervisory Bureau

2014  Obtained "Well-Known Trademark Certificate"

2015  Obtained "Innovative Patent Certification" from the International Intellectual Property Bureau

2015  YiJing cleanrooms for a pharmaceutical factory in Kazakhstan received international GMP certification

2015  YiJing was the subject of an episode of the nationally broadcast documentary series "Road to Discovery" that covered the company's innovations in and contributions to the purification industry

2015  Awarded "2015 Highest Quality Company in a Growth Industry" at the first annual China Manufacturing Quality Awards

2015  CEO Zhou Ping attended China Manufacturing Quality Awards and YiJing was selected as a "Top-10 in Overall Quality in the Manufacturing Sector"

2016  Awarded "Leader in Quality and Trust" by the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Assurance Committee

2016  Appeared in a nationally televised interview at the 19th annual Shanghai Baked Goods Expo

2016  With the cooperation of Chinese CCTV, the National Commerce Bureau and the Chinese State Department, an advertisement for YiJing appeared in Times Square on the Nasdaq Tower Screen

2016  Received "Famous Trademark Designation" from the Jiangsu Provincial Government

Our Partners

    With more than a decade of experience in the cleanroom and industrial purification equipment sectors, Wuxi (pronounced ("woo-shee") YiJing ("ee-jing") is an industry leading company located west of Shanghai in the city of Wuxi, Jiangsu, China.

    YiJing offers certified cleanroom design, manufacture, and installation services compliant with ISO 14644 and FS209E standards, as well as top of the line industrial purification equipment such as air showers and clean workbenches.

    Our professional team of engineers will customize your clean room project according to your specifications, and YiJing can even provide on-site installation and quality testing services.

    Whether your company is looking to upgrade its purification equipment or construct new cleanroom facilities, Wuxi YiJing can help you execute cleanly from start to finish.

    Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate of your company's next cleanroom project.