Bag Style Initial Filter
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YiJing Initial Filters

Initial filters are typically the first filtration step in a cleanroom air conditioning system. In facilities with lower air quality standards, they can also serve as the primary air filter. Initial filters act as a sort of buffer for a cleanroom system's HEPA filters. Where HEPA filters generally deal with particles <0.5 μm, initial filters take care of the larger particles. This serves the dual purposes of air filtration and HEPA filter preservation. YiJing initial air filters are available in bag and plate styles. Our initial filters are affordable, light, well-built, and easy to install.

YiJing Bag Style Initial Filter Advantages

(1) High dust capacity and effectiveness (40-60% of particles ≥5.0μm)

(2) Durable and easy to clean

(3) Multiple bag options available to suit varying average airflow workloads

(4) Available with zinc or aluminum frame

(5) Filter classes G3 and G4 available

Filter Maintenance Tips

(1) Change your filters regularly (every 1-6 months depending on facility cleanliness level)

(2) Every two months use a dust particle counter to measure the amount of microscopic particles in your facility. If the result does not meet the desired standard, a root cause investigation should be initiated immediately to find the source of the problem.

(3) When changing your initial filters, remember to turn off the air conditioning system.

How to Clean your Filter

(1) Open the suction grill, press the buttons on either side, and pull down slowly

(2) Remove the hook from the filter

(3) Use a vacuum or warm water (water temperature should never exceed 50℃!) rinse to remove the accumulated dust from the filter

(4) If there is a very large amount of dust, you can use a soft brush and neutral detergent to clean the filter

(5) After cleaning, reassemble the filter and return it to its designated location as soon as possible.

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